Kiss Sidekick CCR
To order you Kiss Sidekick CCR unit in Australia - Please contact Tim via Email at  by phone 61422127802 or on Facebook

$7999AUD* Inclusive of all shipping duty and taxes! 
Credit Cards accepted 1.75% Surcharge

The KISS GEM Sidekick is a streamlined, light weight diving system that is manually controlled and has been designed specifically to be side‐mounted.   

GEM Sidekick CCR price includes:
- GEM Mouthpiece (DSV) 
- Loop hoses with DSV attachments, 2 circ clips, 2 quick connect hose stubs/hose clamps system, 6 ballast rings
- Single Fischer cable for PO2 display (display not included)
- Head with Exhaust valve, 2 hose attachment towers, gas additon fittings, ADV
- Scrubber canister (Your choice of standard 2.4kg or slightly larger) 
- Counterlung and stainless steel counterlung cover
- Oxygen additon system (manual add valve with orifice, 2 oxygen rated LP hoses, delrin plug for oxygen first stage.

Not Included:
- 3 K‐22D sensors
- KISS PPO2 display or Shearwater computer
- LP hose for gas additon ‐ recommend 18 to 20 inch
- First Stages, pressure gauges, bailout regulators   

Optional Extras: (Enquire about these extras to customise a complete package)
- Golem Gear Sidemount DSV 
- x3 O2 Cells 
- QC6 Connections
- Apex First stage regulator

If you purchase a unit through Tim Muscat Diving - You will recieve $200 off your Sidekick course! I can certify you to dive to 45m using decompression techniques. 

For more information, please visit the Official KISS Sidekick page on the KISS Website.

*Price based on AUD to USD $ conversion and are subject to change. 
Tim Muscat Diving proudly supports Hollis Diving equipment. 
Tim uses the Sidekick CCR with the Hollis Katana Sidemount Harness.